The Social Cognition and Learning (SoCal) Lab is a developmental psychology and neuroscience lab. We study how infants and children think about, learn from, and interact with other people. For more information feel free to browse our site and contact us with any questions.

Lab News

  • Jun. 2021: Isabel Herrera was awarded the UCSD Undergraduate Research Scholarship for the Summer of 2021!

  • Jun. 2021: STARS students Kelsea Jackson, Joanna Ramirez, and Mi'Anjel Jack joined the SoCal lab for the summer!

  • May 2021: Haley Amin, 4th year research assistant, has been awarded the 2020-21 Excellence in Developmental Psychology Research Award! Congratulations Haley!

  • Mar. 2021: Alexis Smith's SRCD poster won a SECC poster award!

Study Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what your baby thinks about people who are helpful to others and those who aren't? If your baby is between 6 and 8 months or 12 and 14 months, you can help us figure out how babies think about these kinds of interactions!