Participate in Online Studies!

We have ongoing studies conducted over Zoom! You can view the studies and what age ranges we are looking for below. If you are interested in a study that your child is the right age for you can sign up by clicking the link and selecting an appointment that works for you.

What do infants think about people who help others?

Ages: 6 to 8 month olds and

12 to 13 month olds

In a 15-minute study over Zoom, your baby will watch videos of someone who needs help completing a task. One person will help them and another person will not. Does your baby prefer one person over the other? Do they expect that person to interact with the one who helped them or the one who didn't?*This study requires a laptop or desktop computer*

Who do infants prefer to imitate and learn from over Zoom?

Ages: 18 to 24 month olds

In a 20-minute study over Zoom, your baby will interact with a researcher in a series of fun, social tasks, such as listening to music and clapping together and learning about a new toy. Some babies will also see a video of the researcher acting in a helpful or unhelpful way. We are interested in how babies interact with others online, and if they prefer to play with and learn new activities from helpful adults.

What do children think about other's choices and friendship?*

Ages: 4 to 6 years old

In a 35-minute study over Zoom, your child will see two short stories about characters who either choose a food or a toy. Then your child will be asked a few questions about the stories and characters. Do children always expect people to like others who share their preferences? This study will help us understand how children think about social interactions and shared/imitated preferences.*In partnership with the UCSD Mind and Development Lab

Sign up for future studies!

Ages: 3 months to 8 years

Our lab is always looking for baby and child scientists to participate in our studies! If your child is not currently the right age for our present studies, you can sign up to be contacted when we have a study for them.

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